Green Hammerton Trim Trail

(North Yorkshire)

The project will comprise a rubber track around the perimeter of the playing fields, with additional outdoor gym equipment at ‘stations’ around the track. This will be called a Trim Trail and the funding is required specifically to purchase some high quality gym equipment. It will benefit teenagers and adults in the village and surrounding villages

Our goals:

  • Provision of a Trail for walkers and joggers. Our village is surrounded by busy roads and it is dangerous for joggers to venture out of the village. A trail will provide an opportunity for safe walking and running.
  • Exercise referral scheme. We have endorsement from the Borough Council to provide a space for patients (referred from their GP practice in the village) to exercise and reduce need for surgery by losing weight. Also following heart attack or stroke.
  • Gym equipment. This will provide the opportunity for teenagers and adults who already use the village hall fitness classes to exercise outdoors in a sociable setting.
£25k project Currently ranked 1 in Active Living

How we will achieve our goals

The Award would help us to pay for the high quality equipment, and for the installation. We are lucky enough to have some lovely playing fields, but we need to improve the offering the adults. We have strong support for this in the village and surrounding villages. We aim to start the project in the Autumn, so that it will be ready for next Spring.

Where the money will go

The project will provide a safe and beautiful place for all the family to exercise. The community will benefit from being able to use the Trim Trail all day, and may help to introduce people (via their GP) to walking, gym equipment to improve their physical and mental health.

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