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KS2 Playground


The purchase and installation of two primary age concrete table tennis tables to sit in the shared before/after school care outdoor space, and KS2 playground space.

Our goals:

  • Provide sociable and skills based outdoor activity which can be used by all members of the school. Table tennis has been proven to provide a focus for children who might otherwise be disruptive on the school grounds during break times.
  • Provide a skills based school club activity which promotes mental agility, and high level hand/eye coordination
  • Table tennis provides a game which can be played throughout one's life, at any age. It promotes and encourages healthy lifestyle choices and the importance of fitness amongst the school children, many of whom come from deprived backgrounds.
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How we will achieve our goals

It would provide the funds needed to purchase two table tennis tables suitable for outdoor use.

Where the money will go

Many of the children at Granard have a lack of access to both outdoor space, and enriching sports activities unless provided by the school. The tables have the potential to benefit the children and families of Granard on social, health, and behavioural levels.

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  1. Posted on November 16, 2016

    Fingers crossed you will get the money you need.

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