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Good Neighbour Scheme


The project is to run the Good Neighbour scheme for a year. It will benefit the lonely, disabled, elderly people resident in the western end of the Vale of White Horse. Good Neighbours visit, do odd jobs, take people out and generally look after their individual clients.

Our goals:

  • Maintain the current high quality of service provided to the lonely, disabled, elderly and disadvantaged residents of the Western area of Vale of White Horse, to enable the existing clients to continue to receive Good Neighbour help and support from our volunteers and small, office team.
  • Retain our existing group of 33 Good Neighbour volunteers, providing relevant training to support the volunteers, as well as clients, in this rural environment where real-life scenarios are often complex and isolating. Recruit additional volunteers to match the growth experienced recently and further anticipated client growth as the population increases within the Western area of Vale of White Horse.
  • Identify and respond to the needs of new clients and the evolving scenarios for existing clients, in order to develop the scheme further whilst underpinning the service with enhanced relationships with statutory agencies, third parties etc from a client referral perspective.
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How we will achieve our goals

The scheme now helps almost 60 clients on a regular basis with a total of 152 different clients receiving Good Neighbour support in the last 12 months.

Where the money will go

It will prevent loneliness and isolation and provide a contact point for many people in what is a predominantly rural community.

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