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Going Green At The Hub


We want to create a small herb garden and build a greenhouse which will aid all members of the community in getting int touch with nature through smell, taste and touch and leave a legacy for many years, We believe this will also bring the community together by allowing them to create the project and design from scratch

Our goals:

  • 1.Create an area for persons with learning & other disabilities putting them in touch with nature. The creation of an outdoor herb garden accessible 24Hrs a day by the local community, created by a local school who care for persons with disabilities
  • Strengthen the community bond with persons with disabilities & able bodied persons breaking down barriers & decreasing social exclusion by the creation of a greenhouse made from recycled materials which can be accessed 24hrs built by the community
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How we will achieve our goals

This award will provide much needed funds to source materials to build this project, the land is already owned by a local social Enterprise Your Community Hub and is on the site of an old Library in the heart of the community

Where the money will go

This would bring the local community together for a common purpose and make better use of land which is in need of clearing and landscaping. Social barriers will be broken down with able boded persons working alongside those with disabilities.

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