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Gloucestershire Young Carers


Supporting young carers – children 11 yrs to 16 years who have a caring role in their family – supporting a family member ill, disabled, experiencing mental ill health. Their lives are impacted by the effect of caring: ill health in themselves, missing school, lower life chances, lower self-esteem, isolation. Funding is for a weekly respite group.

Our goals:

  • To reduce the feelings of isolation proven to be associated with being a young carer - providing a peer support group where they can go regularly to share their experiences.
  • To improve health and well being - young carers respite groups offer opportunities to discuss issues with young carer aware youth leaders. They also run sporting and fun activities such as cooking. The groups provide opportunities to impact life skills.
  • To encourage aspirations - many of the groups encourage visitors from the community to talk about a range of things, they create links with employers who volunteer in the groups too.
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How we will achieve our goals

With the funding we receive we could fund a regular respite support group offering all of the above for up to 20 young carers 11 years to 16 years in the Gloucester area of Gloucestershire for one year.

Where the money will go

Taking all the available evidence into account research says young carers’ projects have an 11% impact on reducing truancy, a 1% impact on reducing the risk of young carers being taken into care and a 2.5% impact on reducing the risk of teenage pregnancy amongst the young carers they work with. Support encourages aspirations and achievement

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