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She Sanctuary Girls' Group

(East Sussex)

The funding is for a Girls’ Group, run by a dedicated youth worker. We have 6 young women who relied on the girls group and we have 3 referrals for vulnerable young women, but lack funds for a specialist group. It would offer at-risk girls support with health, improving aspirations and self-worth, and a safe place to speak openly and seek advice.

Our goals:

  • To reduce risky behaviour amongst vulnerable young women by educating and promoting positive choices in a safe, familiar space. Tailored activities address issues such as healthy living, safe sex, bullying, substance misuse and managing stress.
  • Reducing isolation among young women living in the Tarner district of Brighton, which is in the top 2% most deprived areas of the UK. Many come from chaotic homes and feel disempowered. A youth worker is often the only adult they trust to confide in.
  • To boost self-esteem amongst at-risk girls. Weekly sessions encourage them with understanding their health needs, improving aspirations, building self-worth and maintaining relationships.
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How we will achieve our goals

The funding would employ a female worker to run weekly, free Girls’ Group sessions, offering at-risk young women the freedom to explore important issues safely. She would also be supported by visiting health professionals to lead activities on a range of issues and accompany girls on unique outings that promote healthy living and self-respect.

Where the money will go

The Girls’ Group is, for some young women, the only service available to them and is a vital resource for at-risk, marginalised individuals. Offering sexual health advice impacts positively on levels of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Providing a place to meet and explore issues safely reduces anti-social behaviour in the area.

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