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Girdle Toll bowling club fundraisers


We would like to improve our bowling green to allow us to pass the health and safety test, enabling our mature and handicapped players a better environment. The majority of our players are over 65 and we have a disabled and handicapped school who plays at the club every week. We’re only a small village so the bowling green benefits a lot of the local community!


Our goals:

  • To enhance the playing surface of the green by replacing the entire bowling, making it a safe space for our older members and members with disabilities.
  • To make sure the green doesn't fall into such bad disrepair we have to lose the bowling club all together. The next bowling club isn't close enough for our members to travel to so it would really affect the community.
  • A new bowling green would encourage more people to join us and become more involved with the game. We're also able to offer the local school use of the green to give their less active pupils an activity they can really enjoy and keep fit at the same time.
£25k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

If we won a Community Award we’d be able to completely refurbish the green and maintain a high standard for all of our members. The money would mean that more people in the community could use our facilities and we’d be able to keep the club going for much longer.

Where the money will go

The bowling green is for senior members of the community and handicapped children from the local primary school. For some members this could be the only exercise that they get and if we’re unable to get the green in a better state then then we cant offer them the facility. New foundations, artificial grass and other equipment will make such a big difference!

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