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Grandparents and Parents Play Association


GAPPA is a group of local Grandparents and Parents who’s aim is to get Halesworth Town Park children’s play area better equipped and up to date. It has not been updated for over 20 years and the families in Halesworth travel to other towns and villages due to this lack of facilities. In particular we would like to add disabled play equipment.

Our goals:

  • To update and better equip the children's play area of Halesworth Town Park thereby encouraging local families to use the facilities rather than going elsewhere which may benefit the town as a whole
  • To provide a play space that is more accessible to children with disabilities allowing children of all abilities to play alongside eachother
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How we will achieve our goals

The Community Award would be used to fund much needed play equipment for use by the local children. In particular we would use it to fund the purchase of an inclusive wheelchair roundabout. This would make proposed improvements more accessible to disabled children allowing children of all abilities to play together.

Where the money will go

It would provide the families of Halesworth (population c6000) with an updated and inclusive play area within their town park. This would encourage families to use these local facilities rather than going further afield aiding community spirit and benefitting the town as a whole

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