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Friends of Bude Sea Pool


Creating/ building a large hut containing lockers/changing facilities/kiosk and educational hub for children doing school projects. The above will be available for locals/visitors and schools.

Our goals:

  • To create an educational space for schools to use at pool and beach.
  • To have lockers and changing rooms for public use.
  • Create staff viewing point, a kiosk and some storage facilities.
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How we will achieve our goals

If granted this will give us the final amount to finalise the project and purchase the hut.

Where the money will go

To significantly enhance this iconic Bude Sea Pool which was built in 1930 and is one of only three in the country. We would like to keep the pool free and open for future generations.

Latest updates

Current Shed

24 November 2014

Top view of our current shed

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Current small shed

24 November 2014

Current shed which will be replaced by the new timber framed building. This is the area where it wil…

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