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Farleigh Hospice Community Choir


The project aims to provide a Music Therapist (Choir Leader) for the Hospice Community Choir, which is open to all including patients, carers and bereaved families. The Choir performs at Hospice services, and events. Anyone from the community is able to join there is no membership fee. It benefits all those taking part but also the wider community.

Our goals:

  • To hold regular rehearsals at Farleigh Hospice, giving some of the members an opportunity to reconnect with life and retain or establish a connection with the Hospice.
  • To increase self-esteem as a therapy for those with a diagnosis of life limiting illness, bereavement issues or isolation and loneliness. Increase relaxation and reduce , stress, increase and improve appropriate emotional expression and elevate mood.
  • To facilitate music and singing to promote relaxation, provide relief from symptoms, such as pain and nausea and act as diversional therapy, foster a sense of belonging, maintain and strengthen interpersonal relationships and increase involvement.
£10k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

The project can be achieved using a Community Award to ensure we can provide the music therapist on a long term basis which would enable us to confidently perform at a variety of events and locations by having a larger membership thus we would be able to provide of a minimum number of singers for any one event or occasion and pay for the uniforms.

Where the money will go

By providing a choir with multi faceted benefits for those taking part as well as those being able to enjoy the results of the choir performing at venues, events and occasions. Rehearsals are held at Farleigh and staff, patients and their relatives give feedback that these are beneficial to people staying as it provides an uplifting experience.

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  1. Posted on August 15, 2017

    An excellent choir have heard them in action

  2. Posted on August 15, 2017

    Thank you for your comment. Please share with your friends and family about how they can vote for us – we will only receive funding if our project receives enough votes. Thank you for your support.

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