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Fanwood Scout Campsite - New Roof for Accomodation Block

(West Yorkshire)

A new roof is required to make a safe and accessible space for visitors to use. Visitors include: Scouts, Guides, Other charity & community groups (e.g. Barnados), Schools & Pupil Referral Units, Special Inclusion & Learning Centres, Local Authorities, DoE Award Scheme, Youth sports clubs, Church groups, Muslim Association, African Students.

Our goals:

  • Fit for purpose - The replacement roof will provide a dry, safe and accessible environment that provides sustainable facilities for the long term future of the site.
  • Safe Outdoor Opportunities - To provide safe access to the countryside. The campsite is run as a NfP facility. Available, accessible and affordable, offering sustainable access to the countryside and open air within a safe, idyllic environment.
  • Diversity & Opportunities for All - To meet the needs of the diverse range of people visiting the site. Affordable for all and accessible for all groups both from within our local community and working collaboratively with those beyond.
£10k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

To repair the roof of the main building, which houses the sleeping accommodation, kitchen and dining / meeting hall.

Where the money will go

The project will provide much needed funding for a replacement roof. This will help secure the long term future of the site, enabling the continued use by a diverse range of community groups for young people, providing opportunity, challenge, adventure, education and access to the countryside.

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