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Evendons Primary School


The project is to provide 2 one to one learning support staff and 1 art therapist for one academic year Evendons Primary School. Many children across the school will benefit from these additional staff as they will be able to provide additional support to a child as and when required.

Our goals:

  • The money sought through this application will pay for the salary of the 3 staff members for one year. The one to one LPA's are a part time role and work with children in the mornings and an art therapist will visit weekly.
  • Each member of staff will provide additional support to children across the school, this could be supporting a child through a period of instability or working with them on a specific issue..
  • The staff will provide targeted intervention where and when required across the school and will work to improving a child's longer-term aims and ambitions.
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How we will achieve our goals

Without these additional funds the school will not be able to employ additional staff for these roles. The roles envisaged are beyond those funded through normal educational services.

Where the money will go

We believe that in providing specialist care at an early stage of education can have long term improvements which benefit the individual, their family and the wider ultimately the wider community.

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