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New furniture and furnishings for a children's respite home


Diverse Abilities’ children’s respite home is in severe need of updating with new amenities. Funding would pay for new furniture, equipment and furnishings to transform respite home into the comfortable, homely environment that the 50 children and young people with profound physical and learning disabilities who use the home deserve.

Our goals:

  • Improve the respite home environment in order to offer children the level of quality they deserve and facilitate them to enjoy their time even more.
  • Create the home from home environment that the children deserve, so that children staying at the respite home can feel as safe and secure as possible, and really look forward to visiting the home.
  • Buy kitchen equipment and a new oven so that children can be supported to bake and cook, creating fun activitiy sessions for them to enjoy and learn new skills.
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How we will achieve our goals

This Award would completely fund all of the equipment and furniture for the whole respite home. It would fund two new sofas that would get used daily, new furnishings for living areas and children’s bedrooms, plus utensils and kitchen equipment. Replacing the dated equipment will give the respite home a new lease of life.

Where the money will go

This project will make such a difference, helping to create a homely, comfortable environment for 50 children and young people living with profound disabilities who use the respite home. They will love the comfortable new sofas and will feel more at home with the new furnishings. With new utensils they will be able to bake, which they love.

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