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East Plean Primary School Playground


We would like to develop a large unused area of grass in our back school (benefiting local children) and also provide a vegetable patch for the whole community.

Our goals:

  • Sustainable play area for the children to enjoy for future years
  • Helping children understand the food chain and healthy eating. By sharing the produce with the local community we would also be contributing to their local term health.
  • Encouraging children to explore and reconnect with nature
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How we will achieve our goals

With funding we could develop this playground area with a slide tunnel, a woodland shelter, wildflowers and a maze for the children to explore with a path connecting these elements. It would also allow us to purchase planting equipment, seeds and wooden planters/troughs for the vegetable patch.

Where the money will go

It will bring the school closer to the community with the vegetable patch. It will utilise a disregarded area of the playground and allow the children to have more freedom to play – the majority of the backplayground is on a raised upper level so children dont have much freedom to play/explore safely at present.

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