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Disabled toilets and viewing area

(West Yorkshire)

The funding will benefit the club and help it to become fully compliant to the Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA). It will enable disabled members and visitors to enjoy bespoke and easily accessible facilities to enhance their enjoyment of watching cricket matches and participating in social events at the club.

Our goals:

  • To ensure the club is fully compliant with the DDA.
  • To provide facilities for disabled members, guests and visitors.
  • To contribute towards the club maintaining it's Clubmark status.
£25k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

The club has plans and quotes to carry out the works needed but requires funding to implement the project.

Where the money will go

The club is very much the heart of the local community. In addition to providing excellent sports facilities for cricket and crown green bowls, we have a function room which is used extensively by local groups and people. These include the bridge club, pensioners luncheon club, keep fit clubs etc. It also used for family celebrations.

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