Deaf Kids on the Road - Help Keep Us Rolling


Royal Cross provides primary education and specialist support for deaf children most with additional mental health or physical needs. They have been developing links with the world around them using an old tired minibus that has recently been vandalised.

Our goals:

  • Develop the children's confidence and self esteem in a world which is difficult for them to access, understand and contribute to. Motivating them to achieve their potential in a non academic environment through visits and outdoor activities.
  • Reinforce learning through educational visits to museums, theatres and wild life parks/areas. These trips out reward and motivate the children and provide the opportunity to develop their language through first hand experience and practical learning.
  • Ensuring that the children can contribute to the wider community by integrating with main stream schools (deaf awareness), delivering signed concerts to the senior citizens (helping others) and scouting activities (developing citizenship).
£25k project Currently ranked 1 in Health, Disability and Social Care

How we will achieve our goals

If successful the Community Award would allow the current minibus to be replaced with a modern, reliable means of transport. The children of Royal Cross would then be able to continue to develop their confidence and language skills through trips out. It would also allow them to continue integrating with and contributing towards the wider world.

Where the money will go

The children already reach out to other schools, retirement homes and the general public through signed singing concerts in local towns. The minibus would allow them to further increase the numbers/range of this “out reach”. Teachers/Parents would also benefit through supporting learning/delivering opportunities that are difficult to access.

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