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At Crabtree Infants’ School, we are passionate about outdoor learning for our 180 children. We need to refurbish our outside learning area so the children can use it all year round, giving them a better understanding of the natural world and supporting their physical and personal development and wellbeing at the very start of their education.

Our goals:

  • To install artificial grass on top of the wooden decking of the children’s outside learning area so the children can use it all year round and in all weathers.
  • To install some new outdoor equipment to encourage the children’s creative thinking and provide alternative outdoor learning activities that will complement our existing equipment.
  • Refurbishing the children's learning area will also create a single enlarged play area within the playground that can be used for multiple outdoor activities and enhance the children's learning and play which will help their overall wellbeing.
£5k project Currently ranked 1 in Lifelong Learning

How we will achieve our goals

The project will make a significant difference to the outdoor environment at Crabtree Infants’ School and enhance outdoor learning opportunities for all the current children at the school and generations of children to come. This project is only possible with the support of a Community Award, so please vote for us.

Where the money will go

This project will benefit the current children at Crabtree Infants’ School and their families as well as generations of children to come. The refurbished outside learning area will aid the children’s physical and personal development as well as their well being and help them connect with the world around them and their community.

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