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Concrete Jungle no more!


Play equipment for the 306 pupils at Faringdon Juniors and the 90 Y2 children at Faringdon Infants. These facilities can also be used by the many community groups who use the school buildings (such as the gymnastics club, the Baptist Church (who use the school each Sunday) and The Wave Summer Club.

Our goals:

  • For the school to be able to meet the physical needs of learners
  • For the school to be able to provide a play space for the 400+ children on site
  • For the school to be of benefit to community groups who use us at weekends and in the holidays and after school (many run by volunteers)
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How we will achieve our goals

Without the Community Award, we simply do not have the funds to make the concrete jungle a superb outdoor learning space that children can benefit from. We are struggling to meet all their needs without this, but particularly children with a special educational need that require this physical play (those with ADHD especially).

Where the money will go

Many different sectors of the community will be able to access the equipment (not just the pupils in the school).

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  1. Posted on September 6, 2017

    Good luck

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