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Chadderton community craft club

(Greater Manchester)

To share craft ideas and friendship to all ages including 2 young ladies with special needs and their carers. Bringing lonely and isolated people together.

Our goals:

  • To continue to progress and grow, and bring other people in the community together for one common goal - to find lasting friendship for otherwise lonely and isolated people from all walks of life.
  • We only rent the premises from the church, but where we can we make donations to the church and the Fairtrade project that the church run for people in need.
  • To give some people a substantial meal that otherwise they might not get at home
£5k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

To help to continue financially and grow

Where the money will go

The craft club is open to anyone in the community no matter what age or ability and we welcome new member’s on a weekly basis people interested in what we are doing

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  1. Posted on August 9, 2017

    A great group of people from all walks of life, helping to support each other using crafting techniques and helping me form valuable friendships.
    Home cooked food helps as well as I have physical disabilities and cooking for myself is very difficult.

  2. Posted on August 10, 2017

    I have been a member of this group for four years and over that time I have seen the difference our group has made to so any peoples lives in our community. There is a warm welcome for any new member and the sound of laughter throughout our weekly meetings is heart warming. This welcome is offered to anyone of any age, ability or denomination. Any grant we are awarded would make such a difference to the group and also to the church.

  3. Posted on August 21, 2017

    I’ve been a member of this club for just over 2 years having left my job that was affecting my health but the other members all made me feel welcome and now i enjoy going to it every week ,
    we share different crafty ideas and help each other that are familiar with any type of crafting.
    The club has also helped out other members that have been at a low point due to
    bereavement and it has given them new friendships and new hobbies.

  4. Posted on August 24, 2017

    This group has helped my mam a lot since the death of my dad, it has gave her the chance to get out of the house and make new friends

  5. Posted on August 28, 2017

    This is a great group for my mum. They really help each other and support other groups.

  6. Posted on August 31, 2017

    good club deserves a little financial help

  7. Posted on September 5, 2017

    The craft club helps to prevent loneliness for people of all ages but especially the elderly, who perhaps otherwise not see anybody

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