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Brighton Handball Club Starlings Women Team

(East Sussex)

Brighton Handball Club Starlings Women Team is involved in getting more Girls (age 14), Young Women (16 to 22) and Women active in the Community. We want to continue the Olympic Legacy with Handball as a great Team Sport. The Project is to increase the number of Girls, Young Women and Women active in the Community. And Handball is the answer.

Our goals:

  • The Community Award will be used to encourage more Girls, Young Women and Women to be active in the Community. Handball is a Sport, which offers a lot of opportunities including Fitness, Competitions, Team Skills, Coaching and Sporting Mental Skills.
  • By developing Handball in the Community we are encouraging the Parents, Schools, Local Authorities to be more aware of the sporting activities, which the Girls, Young Women and Women need to have as an introduction to an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • The Objective is to comply to the Government's Sporting Future: A New Strategy For An Active Nation. We need to all work in providing the Girls, Young Women and Women of our Community Physical and Mental Stabilities. Our Handball Team can deliver.
£25k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

With the Community Award we can get efficiently involved. We First need all the required Educational Skills so that the Women’s Team can support the Project. Then we need the Equipment to be able to actively achieve the Project and then we need to promote in The Community the Project so that Girls, Young Women and Women are part of an Active Nation

Where the money will go

What will be of great interest to everyone in the Community is to see the Competitive and Team Spirits, which have grown, especially with the various Schools, Colleges and Universities competing against each others in East Sussex, Mid Sussex and West Sussex. We are looking to improve with the Project a greater Active Healthy Community Spirit.

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6 September 2017

Thank you to everyone.
It has been a great pleasure writing to you all.

To all the Girls aged 14…

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Let's Do It Together

5 September 2017

Handball is bringing people from all over East Sussex.

The Team's Players come from Brighton…

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