Brigg Cricket - Artificial Wicket and Winter Training

(North/South Humberside)

Cricket in Brigg has a long history. Due to aging facilities participation is under threat. SJN School plans to buy a mobile cricket cage, throw down cricket wicket & indoor cricket mats so that training can take place year round, in all weather. The equipment will support the school, Brigg Cricket Club, the Briggensians & other local cricket clubs.

Our goals:

  • Increase participation in cricket at School. Cricket has a wide appeal more girls are playing and there will be increased interest when the BBC broadcasts live matches. Improved training facilities will support that interest and feed players to BCC.
  • Ensure cricket can continue in the adult population. Due to aging facilities BCC currently play outside the area. New training facilities at a secure site will support local cricket and links between the school and community.
  • Provide year round training facilities for other cricket clubs in the area who have expressed a wish to use the facilities at the SJN site if they were improved and updated.
£5k project Currently ranked 1 in Active Living

How we will achieve our goals

The number of young people playing cricket in school will increase, some of whom are likely to join the local cricket club. Brigg cricket club and the Briggensians are important community groups with members of a wide age range; they will have access to year round training facilities which will support greater player and cross community engagement.

Where the money will go

The new equipment will be looked after and housed by the school but used by the school, and other community groups including the local cricket club, the Briggensians and other local cricket clubs. The training facilities in the area will be greatly improved and make cricket training significantly more accessible supporting the sport for years to come.

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