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Harpenden Academy - Books for Budding Bookworms


Harpenden Academy is a new state funded primary school, we have 200 pupils and the funding for our library is limited. The Library Association recommends a school library should hold 13 books per pupil – we have less than half that. A grant of £5000 would fill the library shelves with the non fiction books needed to support the children’s learning

Our goals:

  • To buy 500 books for the school library so it can meet the children's educational needs.
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How we will achieve our goals

The award would be used to buy 500 new books for the school library. Filling the library shelves and providing this growing school with a library which meets the educational needs of its children. The majority of books purchased would be non-fiction as there is an extreme shortage of these books in the library.

Where the money will go

500 new books would make a terrific difference to the school, providing a huge step towards a fantastic library for the children. The majority of children at the school are learning to read and improving their library would help to nurture their love of reading and support their love of learning. Making a positive difference to the community,

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