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Blyth Rugby Football Union Youth Rugby


This funding would be to provide equipment for an ever growing youth section at Blyth Rugby Club

Our goals:

  • to provide safe equipment for use in training the youth players aged from 5-18
  • to make the experience more pleasurable by providing shelter for the youth if they are subs during games
  • giving the youth a safer game and training experience by updating some of the old equipment and getting new balls with better grip for them
£10k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

By getting the award it would mean we would be able to provide quality equipment and facilities for the youth as we have an ever increasing youth section

Where the money will go

this would benefit the community by helping young people to get fit and enjoy sport. Also by teaching them the rugby codes of conduct can help the youngsters to develop skills in communication as well as respecting others. It can also help them socialise

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