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Belgrave allotment and community garden


Local schools one of which is for special needs, also the local dementia group, but really anyone is welcome to help and enjoy the fresh foods

Our goals:

  • Paving is needed for easy access for wheelchairs and people with mobility problems (young and old)
  • Raised beds will make life very much easier for wheelchair users and again older friends , because that's what they will become
  • We have open days,BBQ's, using our own-grown vegetables, but we never have enough seating.
£5k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

We have plenty of ideas but as pensioners not a lot of cash local businesses have been helpful when we go round asking for help with small things but times are tough, and there’s only so many times we can ask the same people

Where the money will go

We are a group of 7pensioners,we,re hoping to put our knowledge to help others the children love to grow their own veg,(runner beans ,carrots,sweet corn,and ofcourse sunflowers) The ladies and gentlemen with dementia can get enjoyment from just being there ,but anyone in the community can come young and old,

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