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Beaulieu Community Trust


We are thrilled to be given a new community centre for the new garden suburb of Chelmsford. It will be used by all residents, which will be a mixture of private and social housing tenants. So far 100 of the anticipated 3,600 homes are built and occupied. We have a lot of work to develop the community but have the enthusiasm to make it a success!

Our goals:

  • Training opportunities for the disabled. We will have a changing and wet room with a hoist, one of a kind for Chelmsford. It will allow adults with disabilities to come to classes with carers and develop themselves and learn new skills.
  • Social events. We will create a social hub at the centre of the new community and a safe environment where all local residents/groups can meet and socialise. The community centre is the only facility of this type planned for Beaulieu suburb.
  • Meals for the lonely and disadvantaged. We aim to invite people to drop-in lunches/refreshments. We want to help the isolated, be they mums at home with children or people who work from home, to mix and meet neighbours. Important in a new area!
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How we will achieve our goals

We have the shell of a beautiful building, but no contents. Tables and chairs are the building blocks for all of the events, classes and activities we anticipate will take place here. We have limited funds and cannot afford the equipment identified in this application.

Where the money will go

Everybody will move to Beaulieu from somewhere else. We are all friends who have not yet met! It takes effort to grow a community and the centre is key to success. By having people from all backgrounds socialise together, we hope to break down any barriers that exist within this new, very diverse community. The basic equipment is vital.

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