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Athena Sports Academy


Athena Sports Academy is a non-profit gymnastics club for 3-18 year old children. Due to the costs involved for new equipment the club is in desperate need of a new retractable seating area for parents to use when coming to watch their children. The club also needs to replace and add to their stock of crash mats

Our goals:

  • The provision of seating will provide additional capacity for parents to watch, creating better engagement with the local community
  • Having professional retractable bleachers will mean the club can better make use of the floor space available for training with the senior squad when seating is not required
  • The provision of additional mats will allow more gymnasts to carry out training exercises at any one time
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How we will achieve our goals

We will achieve our goals by purchasing the new crashmatts and installing the new inclusive seating.

Where the money will go

The inability to provide adequate viewing facilities for interested family members is a current barrier to creating a better sense of family that the club prides itself on. We hope that by gaining this award we can go some way to building better relationships with gymnasts families and that they get a better view on what is going on in the club

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