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Autism - Art Therapy and Sibling Support Groups for Local Children


Express supports local families affected by autism. They are seeking funds for: 1 Art Therapy to provide opportunities for children on the autism spectrum to express themselves and interact with others in a fun, supportive environment. 2 A support group for children who have a sibling with autism, allowing them to share feelings and experiences.

Our goals:

  • To provide qualified art therapists and materials to meet the specific and unique social and emotional needs of children with autism, using creative tools such as drama, puppetry, art, music and storytelling.
  • To provide materials for the sibling support group, which aims to offer a comfort to many siblings of children with autism, giving a new perspective and helping them to realise they’re not alone.
  • To provide parents with feedback on how the group has been for their child.
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How we will achieve our goals

A Community Award would enable Express to provide qualified art therapists to work one-on-one with children on the autism spectrum, helping them build a wide range of skills using an approach that may be more effective than spoken language. Funding would also mean that Express could provide support for children that have a sibling with autism.

Where the money will go

Autism is not a visible disability and is not always well understood by the wider community. Families living with autism are at risk of becoming isolated, and suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem. Our projects offer activities that will have a positive effect on the social and emotional wellbeing of local families affected by autism.

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