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AFA2A - American Football Accessible to All


The project is aiming to expand the offer of American Football to all who may not have been able to access the sport. The club continues to be asked for sessions in schools and community groups but lacks resource. The project will give us the tools to develop local competition and provide a development pathway for young athletes through the sport.

Our goals:

  • Investing in equipment allows the club to be mobile, taking sufficient equipment to those that need it, removing established barriers to entry, and ensuring free access to sport, using safe, maintained equipment under appropriate supervision.
  • Coach education funding allows us to reach out to teachers and aspiring coaches, giving them the grounding in American Football, direction under experienced coaches, and allowing them to undertake their own qualifications at no cost.
  • Building a future for the sport in the region, this project will help towards a long term strategic goal of inter-school competition, keeping young people active, and provide a pathway to develop athletes from a young age to international level.
£10k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

The award would inject funds, allowing a major capital investment in equipment necessary to meet the massive demand for American Football in the region. The club cannot currently satisfy the appetite in the community for sessions, so the award would remedy this, and help build towards the goal of extensive local competition networks in the area.

Where the money will go

We want to promote sports and activity locally, providing experiences that are not always accessible to young people. The project will help provide kit and coaching to all involved, removing barriers to entry as we travel to communities, bring equipment and expertise, making sport and active lifestyles accessible for all, young and old.

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