Active children-active minds


The money will be spent to completely overhaul the outdoor learning space to facilitate an active and inclusive learning environment where children will develop independent thinking and learning and social and interactive skills in a safe and stimulating space. The area is in a deprived location therefore providing a valuable resource.

Our goals:

  • To provide a learning environment that stimulates and promotes early years development.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle and instill a lifelong love for physical and active learning.
  • To provide a resource available to all irrelevant of physical or mental ability.
£25k project Currently ranked 1 in Lifelong Learning

How we will achieve our goals

The community award will provide the finances required to fulfill the schools ambitions in providing an outdoor area that stimulates all and provides opportunities to enjoy learning in a safe and natural setting.

Where the money will go

The community is growing rapidly and the resource will enable the young children within the local area to learn and enjoy playing in an engaging and vibrant outdoor space. The area would also be available to the local nursery and breakfast and after school club. Other schools within the Academy would also benefit from this development during visits

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