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Abbotswood Library Project


Abbotswood is the largest junior school in Hampshire and in our recent Ofsted we were told that Improvements in reading are not as rapid as in other subjects in the school. We would love to enrich the reading experience for our pupils by modernising our Library and making it a place where children thoroughly enjoy learning in a great environment.

Our goals:

  • 1. To create a space that is physically comfortable and welcoming so that children stay and read rather than just browse. Modernising our furniture and displays so that access to the right books is easy and space to read them in is cosy and calm.
  • 2. Introduce technology that encourages children with a range of abilities to become engaged with storytelling and information gathering through alternative means such as talking books and listening stations.
  • 3. Enrich the contents of the library so that the inventory is diverse and stretches our best readers whilst being accessible to those children who are still developing some of the more basic reading skills.
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How we will achieve our goals

We would invest in new furniture and facilities that would create comfortable reading spaces where children would want to come and curl up with a good book and really immerse themselves in the reading experience. We would use technology to reach out to those children who learn in different ways and to support group work and guided reading.

Where the money will go

Our school wants to become a hub for excellence; we want our community to feel proud, not only of our results but of our reputation for providing great and engaging education. Investing in modernising our library will accelerate our progress and children in our area can become even more excited about reading, raising expectations for their futures.

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