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Abbeygreen District Girlguiding


After the renovation of our hall, we have found that we now have a lack of storage. With Girlguiding we have a lot of equipment like camping equipment and catering equipment but now we have nowhere to store our sports equipment. Each unit needs a storage space which would benefit approximately 60 girls from 5 to 26.

Our goals:

  • Secure storage for sports equipment and other outdoor equipment.
  • Indoor storage for the units within Abbeygreen District Girlguiding
  • Renew old sports and gardening equipment
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How we will achieve our goals

We would use the award to buy secure outside storage so that this equipment is kept in a central place for everyone to use and buy some storage cupboards for within the hall. We would also sue the money to replace sports and gardening equipment,

Where the money will go

This would make a difference to our community by giving the girls in our unit practical skills to use in later life and also will keep them fit and healthy.

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  1. Posted on July 5, 2016

    Good luck Lesmahagow girl guiding

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