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St Marys Primary School - Access for All


Going to the toilet is such a basic part of everyday life – but it isn’t easy for everyone. We want to improve the children’s disabled toilet facilities at the school to support the kids needs and enable them to be as independent as they can. They would like to spend more time on fun, friends and learning and less on worrying about the toilet!

Our goals:

  • To get improved disabled access toilet equipment for current and future children at the school. It isn't just wheelchairs (although we do have them!) - it is so many more people with ranges of different needs that need help.
  • To enable the kids to be more independent. If the facilities are closer to the classrooms and main toilets, there's less distance to cover when time is of the essence. The kids who can toilet independently won't need to be escorted.
  • To enable school facilities to be accessed by the wider community. We have a great hall and fields which we would like others to be able to use. Better disabled access will enable us to create better access for all in the community.
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How we will achieve our goals

A Community Award would let us convert a room close to classrooms, into a children’s disabled toilet facility. It would have a child’s height disabled toilet, a changing bed suitable for growing kids who can’t lie on the floor to get changed, storage so their equipment can be kept to hand. For us it is location, location, location (& equipment)!

Where the money will go

Our school is about learning and love. Sometimes, the basics can make that tricky. We want all our pupils to be able to have the support they physically and emotionally need. We want to foster their independence skills where they are able. This project would have such a positive impact on the kids who need more help than most – everyday!

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