1st Thundersley Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers


Everyone who uses the church & also local groups. Scouts, guides, rangers, brownies, bowling, rangers, beavers, women’s institute, choir, Sunday school, pre school, Trefoil guild & many more. It would be a safe space for children and adults to use and socialise together. It is hoped we can have BBQ’s & fund raising events there.

Our goals:

  • To make a sensory garden for all to use. We have done the hard work of clearing the garden but as it is only through guiding fund raising we have limited funds to finish the project. The railway sleepers are for flower beds and appropriate flowers.
  • Having suitable and safe seating for the young and old to use to enjoy the garden is essential. We also want to arrange for a camp fire area for the scouts and guides to use that is safe and has sufficient seating for all to enjoy.
  • We have tried to use the old fencing due to lack of funds but a new fence and gate would make the area safe and ensure it is safe and secure at all times. It would also set the area off and help achieve the community garden we hoped for.
£5k project Currently ranked 1 in Community Groups

How we will achieve our goals

It is aimed that all the community can use the facilities from young to old. It is hoped it will be a space for the community groups who use the church to use but also a space for people to go to if they want a bit of peace and quiet.

Where the money will go

it would be great to have a safe space. the church field is a long way from the hall and the young people cannot always use this safely without adult supervision. By having the community garden there would be a safe space for all to use. It would also be used for fund raising and summer fetes which benefit all those who use it.

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