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Oakdale Special School, Wheelchair swing


Oakdale is a community special school with approximately a third of children with profound and multiply learning difficulties/wheelchair users and this grant will provide a dual swing so ALL children at school whether in a wheelchair or not can play inclusively together. Also, children at Oakdale have Autism and swings are considered to be calming.

Our goals:

  • The dual swing for wheelchair users and able bodied children will allow my son and ALL his friends with profound and multiple learning difficulties to play inclusively at Oakdale, as every child no matter what their disability has the right to play.
  • A School Community where no child will be left to feel isolated or excluded due to their disability and will learn that anything is possible even with a disability. This will result in enriching the lives of ALL our children and raising self esteem.
  • This grant will ensure Children at Oakdale will have better lives and much more fun playing together on the dual swing. Many children will not have had this experience before. ALL disabled children will fully participate in an inclusive environment
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How we will achieve our goals

The grant of £5000 would be used to purchase the wheelchair and able bodied dual swing which is fully inclusive for ALL cohorts of children. The total cost is £5185 and the community of parents at school (PTFA) are currently raising funds for the shortfall.

Where the money will go

This project will provide an inclusive activity for able/less able and wheelchair bound children to play together and have a better life while having fun together with the whole school community. No child will be left to feel isolated or excluded from play with their peers and more important it proves that all can join in even with a disability.

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