Working Families

Campaign: More Flexible Jobs, Improving Family Finances

Parents need jobs that fit with family life – the school run, childhood illnesses – and keep childcare costs manageable. But only one in five families feel they’ve got the right balance of time and money.

Our campaign will work with employers to create more flexible jobs, enabling more parents to get into family-friendly work and improve their family finances.

In 2019, there’ll be a government review of flexible working. Our perfectly-timed campaign will give us a platform to call for all jobs to be flexible as the norm – helping parents find the sweet spot between time and money for their families.

Working Families

Who are we

Working Families is the UK’s work-life balance charity. We have been at the forefront of changing the way we live and work for nearly 40 years.

We want work to work, for people, families and the economy, so that families thrive and business prospers. We provide free legal advice to parents and carers on their rights at work, providing specialist employment support to parents of disabled children.

We work in partnership with employers on their people strategies to make our vision of family-friendly workplaces a reality.

And we conduct ground-breaking research to support our policy influencing and campaigns for change.

Our vision

Our vision is a society in which everyone can fully meet their work and caring responsibilities; a society that allows real choice in balancing the interdependent demands of family, work and community at every life stage; enabling everyone to realise their full potential and for families to thrive.

Our values

Working towards our vision, we:

  • Support and advocate for working families, especially those who are disadvantaged.
  • Promote workplace cultures which support work-life balance and flexible working for all.
  • Work collaboratively with employers, policy-makers and working people as a pragmatic force for change.

We conduct the largest survey of UK working parents and benchmark employer practice, informing the changes we push for, enabling families to achieve work-life balance.

As an organisation we are committed to flexibility, integrity and inclusiveness in all we do. Our innovative and visionary approach to achieving change has supported our work for four decades.

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