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The OneFamily Foundation was born out of our mutual principles; to look after our customers and their families. It’s a commitment that goes far beyond our range of award winning financial products.

The OneFamily Foundation is a way of redistributing profits – an amount too small to make a meaningful difference if shared out to each and every customer. But, when pooled together, we have the chance to do something special – to make something better for those that matter most to us in our families or communities. With your help, the OneFamily Foundation aspire to make £5 million available over the next 5 years.

Customers can nominate a project close to their heart for a Community Award of either £5,000 or £25,000. Or they can apply for a Personal Grant of up to £500 for someone or something a little closer to home. Only our customers can apply, but anyone in our online community can vote for the projects that matter most to them.

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There are two ways customers can benefit from the OneFamily Foundation

Community Awards

Acorn House

Community Awards

Awards of £5,000 and £25,000 for projects put forward by customers to improve their community. We’re helping customers across the country make a difference in their local area.

About the awards

Personal Grants

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Personal Grants

A helping hand for customers and those close to them. Customers can apply for grants to help out in times of hardship or to gain valuable skills which will improve their lives.

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Gaining support

Reaching out and finding people who can support your project can be one of the hardest tasks. Follow our tips and guides to help get your project noticed and gain the vital support that you deserve.

Advice, help & support

Sorry, applications are now closed

Sorry, we’re not taking nominations at the moment, but a new round will be open very soon.

Frequently asked questions

You might be nearer to the answer than you think – so before you pick up the phone, check out our FAQs for answers…


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